YouTube to Post

Quick add YouTube video to WorPress post.

The installation of the plug-in is standard, and does not differ from the installation of other plug-ins.

To quickly add a video to the post in the editor WordPress will appear a special button.


When you click on it, a pop-up window will appear. I tried to make the window interface intuitive.


Tick the required videos, and click the "Insert into post" button.


And the selected videos will be added to the post.





I integrated my api key into the plugin. There should not be any problems with it. But if for some reason the plugin does not work with my key, you can get your key with this tutorial. You must have a Google account to receive the key. The procedure of obtaining is completely free.


1. Start with New Project

First of all, you should visit Google APIs page. You will find “Project” tab in the YouTube API console. 

2. Enable YouTube Data API


3. Create Credentials and Get YouTube API Key


4. Using API Key in Third-Party Apps